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Joining the South Carolina Community Health Worker’s Association (SCCHWA) comes with a host of valuable benefits that enhance your homeowner experience. Here’s a summary of what you can expect as a member:

  • Leadership Opportunities: As a member of SCCHWA, you have the chance to take on leadership roles within the association. This allows you to actively contribute to the decision-making process and make a positive impact on our community.
  • Invite to Special Meetings: Gain exclusive access to special meetings where important discussions and updates related to our neighborhood take place. Stay informed, participate in shaping the direction of SCCHWA initiatives, and have your voice heard.
  • Discount to SCCHWA Annual Meeting: Attending the SCCHWA Annual Meeting is made even more appealing with a special discount available exclusively to members. Network with fellow homeowners, learn about community initiatives, and stay connected with the pulse of our neighborhood.
  • CHW Insignia Pin for Certified CHW Members: For those who are Certified Community Health Workers (CHWs), SCCHWA offers a prestigious CHW Insignia Pin. This symbolizes your commitment to community well-being and recognizes your professional achievements.
  • Vote on Key SCCHWA Decisions: Your membership entitles you to exercise your voting rights during important SCCHWA decisions. Shape the future of our community by actively participating in the decision-making process.
  • Member-Only Opportunities: Enjoy access to exclusive opportunities reserved for SCCHWA members. These can include special events, workshops, and programs designed to enrich your homeowner experience and foster stronger community bonds.
  • Support & Advocacy: SCCHWA is dedicated to providing support and advocacy for homeowners. By becoming a member, you gain access to valuable resources, expert advice, and assistance in navigating home-related challenges or concerns.

Membership dues for SCCHWA are set at an affordable $30, making it accessible to all homeowners who wish to enjoy these incredible benefits.

Join SCCHWA today and unlock a world of opportunities, leadership roles, community engagement, and support. Take the first step towards an enriched homeowner experience by becoming a valued member of our association.

We look forward to welcoming you to the SCCHWA community.


Support from organizations are vital to the success of SCCHWA. Organizations are free to give a one time gift or continuous funding that will support activities and sustainability efforts of the association.

  • Diamond – $2,500
  • Platinum – $1,500
  • Gold – $1,000
  • Silver – $500
  • Bronze – $250

or your convenience you may pay online or by mail. If you would like to pay by mail, please print the corresponding form above and make check payable to: SCCHWA (South Carolina Community Health Worker Association). Insert SCCHWA Acct on Memo Line and your first/last name used to register.

Mail to:
P.O. Box 7422
Columbia, SC 29202

For more information or if you have questions, please contact SCCHWA at 803.250.7027

Thank you for supporting the SCCHWA! The mission is to maximize the voices of Community Health Workers and strengthen the profession’s capacity to achieve healthy, equitable communities throughout South Carolina.


The association provides a forum for networking, sharing of strategies and resources, and a foundation for education.


SCCHWA Membership promotes the improvement of population health in the communities of South Carolina.



A certification with SCCHWA provides opportunities for furthering knowledge, skills, and formal education.


Learn more about the various resources available to you as a member of SC Community Health Worker Association.

Join our Subscribers and Stay informed about this  growing Community Health Worker Profession! Identify, Connect, Educate and Promote CHWs!!!!

Join our Subscribers and Stay informed about this  growing Community Health Worker Profession! Identify, Connect, Educate and Promote CHWs!!!!